2017 Travels with Gerri

We have been in Prague for a day and night. This is an amazingly beautiful and clean city. Communist Czechoslovakia is no more. It fell in the "Velvet Revolution" of 1989 and now it is the Czech Republic. Prague is one of the cities in the Czech Republic, 1.2 million people here. It was not bombed during World War II so the buildings are old and preserved. The people here are very nice, employed, 1% unemployment..."if you want a job there is a job", and very anti-immigration. The EU has dictated that they are to take in over 500 immigrants and they would rather pay the penalty and are only taking in 12. They do not want to disrupt the way of life they have here. Don't blame them, it's pretty nice.

They are still on their money which is called Koruna and they do not want to convert to the Euro, tho they take both here. Art got the money conversion app so he and Steve are having fun with that coming up with what everything costs. So everything looks very expensive, 18 Krona for a beer, but is $2.75. Sushi at the hotel was 275K, it came out to $33. Dinner last night, two huge plate of ribs, Melanie's sausage and sauerkraut, look at all that sausage, and my pork knuckle, yikes!, Was 1075K, $46.

Sushi, already had some of it at this point.

There are dozens of gorgeous Catholic churches here, and castles. I asked what is the religion of the city and the young man said basically atheist.

View from our lunch table at hotel rooftop terrace.

I'm not so excited about Czech food. It is a lot of sausages and sauerkraut and various versions of it. And of course beer everywhere. Art and Melanie and Steve have taken advantage of the beer choices. Me, never been a beer drinker. I've heard say it's just "liquid bread", so who needs that, I'd just rather have the bread, then I can have the butter that goes with it.

Yesterday we took a tour of the city in "an old-fashioned car" that take around tourists. They add a very cute vibe to the city streets.

Yesterday evening was very balmy, and there is no humidity here. We took a stroll over the Charles Bridge which was a very happening spot on a Sunday evening. There are restaurants all around it on either end and combined with the selfie sticks, families, and the mixed bag of all ethnicities, it was really the scene.

Here we are on the Charles Bridge: the lovers, the dreamers, and me...

Then there's this… But only saw one.

Thanks for traveling along, on our way this Monday morning to tour the famous Castle.