Bella Tuscany

We drove out of Santa Margherita and the Riviera and took a 45 minute detour north to the designer outlet centers. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say that American Express called my office today to verify some charges. We then took the A7 to the A12 to the A11 to the A1 and here is where it fell apart. We missed the turn off for Tuscany, really it was not that clear, and ended up in Florence in rush hour. Not pretty. For Art, tension maker #2. (Tension maker #1 was spending too long at the outlets). We finally got headed south to Montepulciano where we were to spend the next three nights. It was after driving 40 minutes we realized missed the off ramp to our Etrusco. Tension maker #3. So fortunately our phone worked in the area (it has not worked since), so we called them and got directions to drive back north 20 min and get off A1. The instructions off the Internet for our place said to turn at a certain street but we could not find it. Tension maker #4. (High tension at this point). Another call and Johnny led us by phone down obscure roads to their place. It was 9.30PM. Turns out the town painted some buildings and took down the street sign we needed and never put it back up. Don't ya love the Italians? We were hungry so we were directed to SuperPizza Restaurant Stella nearby on the main road. Well, it was soooooo great and sooooo local Italian and sooooo buzzing that Tensions #1, 2, 3, and 4 dissolved immediately. Thank God.

right of out of central casting, right?

See what 48E will buy for dinner in Montepulciano: huge plate of antipasti

grilled entrocote (steak) with peppercorns and rosemary

vino of the area, "still" bottled water

thin crust pizza

minestone soup

complimentary limencello and cookies

and I thought our family looked Italian!

The local Il Padrino winding down after his family bday party. The white suit capped it all off for me.

So, we had a great night and plan to go there again. Even without Il Padrino and his party, I am sure we will have a terrific evening.

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