Our Etrusco and Italian life

We are back at one of our favorite little spots, Poggio Etrusco, in S. Albino ("sant al-bean-o) just outside Montepulciano. Now this is not a fancy place but rather a stone cottage amongst four cottages on a small winery/olive etrusco. Owner Pamela is a cookbook writer, think small specialty books sold in Wm Sonoma, etc, who searched for her ideal Italian property for years with her artist husband Johnny, while they lived in Santa Barbara. Here is someone who DID IT, actually searched and found her dream and is living it. (and Santa Barbara really isn't so bad, is it?, but here she is). Anyway, she does US tours with her books and she contacted me several years ago about doing an exchange w our Laguna Cottages when she was in town. We took her up on it and came here three years ago.


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